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About dr.nattavut
Dr.Nattavut Kulnides Founder & CEO

My Vision

I believe the best consulting and learning  solutions
should strongly be supported by 3 pillars:

1. World-class thinking process and research base solution

2. Practical, through the test of time and test of the leading organization

3. Insightful, each engagement is different and success lies under understanding each client and their operating cultures

We have IDEA that leads to ACTION and, ultimately, it brings RESULT. Engagement after engagement has reconfirmed that we are on something significant and this is just a start.

Company overview

The journey of ADGES started in 2013 with the strong belief that, to maximize the individual, team, and organization potentials, organizations must search for the multi-disciplinary solutions that cut across: human capital consulting, learning & development, the use of reliable assessment, and digital technology enhancement.

With our reputations of uncompromising quality to ensure client satisfaction and success, we successfully partner with the world-leading consulting firms, learning institutions, assessment providers, and technology platform providers. We aim to integrate a seamless solution to deliver what we promise ‘to maximize human capital potential’.

how can we help you?

If you have questions or require more information about our services.

I believe the best consulting and learning solutions should strongly be supported by 3 pillars:

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Dr.Nattavut Kulnides
Founder & CEO, ADGES

With a humble start in 2013, ADGES has been recognized as one of the leading integrated human capital solution providers in the region. ADGES works with global partners to deliver exceptional services to a number of Fortune 100 companies as well as top companies in South East Asia.

Our mission

We exist and strive to make an impact through human capital solutions:

  • To maximize the human capital potential of each individual, every member of the team, and in every organization
  • To further develop an understanding of human capital potential through our works with the leaders in each discipline and by working collaboration with leading organizations
  • To contribute to the advancement of human capital performance and reach out to the public to share our thoughts and insights

How we work

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Ready to maximize your human capital potentials.