Consulting Introduction

Organization isn’t about structure, it’s about capability. ADGES partners with the leading consulting firms around the world to create alignment between what you do, who you doint for, and the results you hope to achieve. Alignment begins with an outside-in approach that firmly links customers and investor expectations to business strategy, capabilities, organization design, leadership, people, and, ultimately, desired business results.

ADGES has worked with Thailand and regional leading organizations in many client engagements that benefit from our expertise of selecting the right instrument but more importantly our unique skills to draw on insights and outcomes from each instrument to provide an organization with a clear evidence and guideline on the next steps that the organization should take.

assessment providers

We are proud to work with the world-leading in personality assessments as their expert including the assessment providers as follow:
Hogan Assessments
Members of Hogan Coaching Network
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Country Representative
The RBL Group
Strategic Partner

Our services included:

For Individual
  • Understand self and create strategic-self awareness
  • Coaching for a performance
  • Career Coaching
For Team
  • Team personality and development
  • Executive on-boarding
  • Communication for Success
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Planning
For Organization
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Culture Transformation
  • Create the language of performance
For Boardroom
  • High performing board
  • Bright-Side, Dark-Side, and Inside of Board Performance

Our clients references are included:

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