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Identity is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves – your identity is the person you think you are. While there might be some takeaways in how we perceive ourselves, we are usually wrong. We often have an inflated idea of our own talent. Using the right assessment instrument is very critical to the success of an individual and organization. There are many dimensions on personality. We are the expert backed with a long list of successful clients who work with us to leverage their talent, identify their talent strategy, and drive an outcomes.

Personality assessment is a field of psychology that seeks to understand and measure individual personality differences that characterize people across time and circumstance. Personality assessment is used for a variety of purposes in the organization, and team contexts.

While the use of personality assessment has been practicing for quite a long time, nonetheless, many organizations still struggle to make the most out of the instruments and/or using the wrong kind of personality assessment without understanding the level of ‘validity’ and ‘reliability’ that each instrument offers.

ADGES is the leading in using psychometric assessments for organization, team, and individual development. ADGES has a long history of being a pioneer in using psychometric assessments in Thailand. ADGES’ philosophy in our assessment services focus on outcomes rather stick to the tools. We believe that there is no one best tools or assessment but rather assessments that fit with specific needs and outcomes of each organization.

ADGES has worked with Thailand and regional leading organizations in many client engagements that benefit from our expertise of selecting the right instrument but more importantly our unique skills to draw on insights and outcomes from each instrument to provide an organization with a clear evidence and guideline on the next steps that the organization should take.

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We are proud to work with the world-leading in personality assessments as their expert including the assessment providers as follow:
Hogan Assessments
Members of Hogan Coaching Network
The RBL Group
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Is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart,
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