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When stakeholders are confident in your leaders and their ability to consistently deliver on expectations, your organization creates an advantage that’s difficult for any competitor to touch. Establishing the kind of leadership that inspires this confidence in a two-part equation made up of 1.) universal leadership skills and 2.) your differentiators, or leadership attributes that are unique to your organization.


ADGES has worked with Thailand and regional leading organizations in many client engagements that benefit from our expertise of selecting the right instrument but more importantly our unique skills to draw on insights and outcomes from each instrument to provide an organization with a clear evidence and guideline on the next steps that the organization should take.

Our clients references are included:

The Leader Speaks

Great leaders make their voices heard. This highly experiential workshop is designed to provide participants with the theory, application, practice, and feedback necessary to significantly accelerate their communication effectiveness.

Leadership Essentials

This workshop is uniquely designed to equip managers with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.

Leading Change

This is a fast-paced, hands-on workshop in which participants will gain immediately usable communication, mentoring, and coaching skills that they can employ to help their team members thrive in periods of substantial change.

Leading Innovation

In this workshop, leaders will discover that the key leadership competency for innovation goes beyond individual creativity and emphasizes the ability to establish a culture of sustainable innovation.

Impact & Influence

This practical, hands-on workshop invites participants to explore ways in which they can substantially increase their interpersonal effectiveness at all organizational levels.


The MBTI provides a foundational understanding of the power of personality in the workplace, designed to help participants develop the self-awareness and soft skills critical to working together and collaborating more effectively.

Our clients references are included:

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I believe the best consulting and learning solutions should strongly be supported by 3 pillars:

We exist and strive to make an impact through human capital solutions:

1. World-class thinking process and research base solution
2. Practical, through the test of time and test of the leading organization
3. Insightful, each engagement is different and success lies under understanding each client and their operating cultures

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Dr.Nattavut Kulnides
Founder & CEO, ADGES