The Leader Within

An intense training experience designed to provide a solid foundation for those seeking to significantly accelerate their development as leaders. Rather than simply studying the practices and approaches of successful leaders, this workshop takes participants on a deeper journey into their inner world where they will learn to tap the enormous power of their emotions and moods.


Through the course of the day, they will discover how Leadership Emotional Intelligence is the primary determinant of a leader’s ability to effectively influence others. They will learn to recognize their own emotions in a wide variety of interpersonal circumstances, respond to these emotions in ways that enhance their leadership, become aware of the emotions of others, and be a positive, energizing force within their organization.

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The workshop opens with an engaging exercise wherein participants are afforded the opportunity to craft creative, visual representations of their personal leadership stories focusing on the major lessons they have learned so far in their careers and lives. These stories and associated lessons become integral parts of the workshop as participants are challenged to use the day to prepare for the next chapter of their leadership stories.

While very useful and practical for managers at all levels, The Leader Within Workshop will be of particular interest to those whose leadership responsibilities and scope will increase considerably in the next few years. The personal knowledge gained as well as the hands- on experimentation with advanced interpersonal approaches provides the participants with a rock-solid base for all other developmental initiatives. Simply put: participants will know themselves better, manage themselves better, connect with others better and influence others better as a result of this workshop. For most, it will be one of the most pivotal learning experiences in their leadership careers.

Participants will be better able to:

Participants then learn that they can readily increase their leadership emotional intelligence and that this process is best guided by objective self-assessment and feedback from others. To accomplish this, each participant will be provided with anonymous, confidential feedback in the form of The Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment (LEQ/360). The LEQ/360 reports on how participants are viewed in the following four dimensions:


1. Personal Awareness: Awareness of emotions as they occur, understanding of unique personal traits, and knowledge of events that trigger significant emotional reactions.

2. Self Mastery: Controlling inevitable impulses, adapting positively to changing circumstances and exhibiting resilience when facing adversity.

3. Leadership Connections: Understanding and empathizing with others, being transparent in interpersonal interactions, and being of service to others while in a leadership role.

4. Influencing Others: Generating contagious optimism about the organization’s future, conveying a strong sense of confidence in self and others, and being a source of inspiration for the organization

Through a series of experiential exercises, lecturettes and group discussions, participants will explore ways to improve their ability to positively impact others at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.


  • Lessons in Leadership
  • The Emotionally Powerful Leader
  • Personal Awareness: Traits & Characteristics
  • Self Mastery: The 10 Derailers
  • Leadership Connections: In Their Shoes
  • Influencing Others: Inspiration – Words that make a Difference
  • Reflection & Action Plans

1st Day

  • The Rewards of Organization Leadership
  • The Leadership Story…so far
  • The Practices of Extraordinary Leaders
  • The Emotionally Powerful Leader
  • The Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment (LEQ/360)
  • Personal Awareness
  • Self Mastery
  • Leadership Connections
  • Learnings of the Day
  • (Overnight Assignments: 1. My Leadership Legacy 2. Influencing Others

2nd Day

  • Influencing Others
  • Crafting a Powerful Leadership Brand
  • Earning the Right to Lead: A Simulation
  • Earning the Right to Lead: A Simulation (cont.)
  • Reflections, Plans and Commitments


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