Leader As Coach Become the kind of person from whom others genuinely want to receive coaching.

The Leader As Coach Workshop is the finest coach training program available today. Every year, thousands of leaders from organizations of all sizes and industries choose this powerful learning program to help them become catalysts for the high performance and career acceleration of their team members.


The one-day workshop is an intense hands-on learning experience designed for managers and leaders seeking to become the instrument of change within their team.


The curriculum equips participants with the models and tools to become the kind of person from whom others genuinely want to receive coaching. The program is comprised of engaging exercises, real-time coaching, and personal feedback.

  • Acquire a proven, immediately applicable approach to coaching.  
  • Practice coaching in real-time conversations and receive direct feedback on their personal effectiveness.  
  • Increase the potency of their conversations by engaging in values-based coaching.  
  • Learn how to initiate and guide high-quality coaching conversations using The Big Coaching Questions.  
  • Create an ambitious personal development plan for becoming a distinctly coach-like leader.  
  • Increase managerial capability to lead and drive change through coaching.  
  • Encourage greater levels of engagement and personal accountability. 
  • Build a consistent approach to coaching and improve performance throughout the organization.

The Three C Coaching Model represents the critical dimensions of great coaching: Character, Connection, and Conversation. Leaders need to develop in each of these dimensions in order to increase their personal coaching effectiveness. During the Leader As Coach one-day workshop, participants explore the model, take a deep dive into the Character Dimension, and experience values-based coaching. 


Great coaches earn the right to coach through the quality of their character. They know themselves well, are confident in their roles as coaches, and are deeply committed to the success of the people they lead. During this workshop, participants examine the core elements that form their unique character. Using in-class coaching and feedback, participants have the opportunity to assess their unique values, motivations, talents, and intentions, and analyze the influence these factors have on their coaching impact.


  • Introduction: Coaching & the Challenge of Leadership Today 
  • The Three C Coaching Model 
  • Personal Best Coaching Experience 
  • The Coaching Perspective 
  • Why Coach? 
  • Power Tool #1: The 60 Big Coaching Questions 
  • Coaching Experiential #1: Leadership Challenges & Opportunities 
  • The Coaching Impact Model 
  • Coaching in Action 
  • The Character of the Coach; Earning the Right to Coach, Values-Based Coaching 
  • Coaching Experiential #2: A Values-Related Challenge 
  • Making Connections; Connecting From the Inside Out: Presence, Mindfulness, Deep Listening, The Power of Appreciation: “My Natural Coaching Strengths” 
  • The Coaching Conversation; Constructive Confrontation: “My Lesson Plan”, The Coach-Like Conversation: “My Next Chapter” 
  • Wrap-Up

Day One

  • Introduction: Coaching & the Challenge of Leadership Today 
  • The Coaching Perspective 
  • Coaching Power Tool #1: The 60 Big Questions 
  • Real-Time Coaching Experiential #1 
  • The Coaching Impact Model 
  • Character: “How do I Earn the Right to Coach?” 
  • The Power of Feedback 
  • Values-Based Coaching 
  • Real-Time Coaching Experiential #2 
  • Summary of Key Learning Points and Overnight Assignments 

Day Two

  • Connection: “How Do I Establish Trusting Coaching Relationships?” 
  • A Strengths-Focused Approach to Coaching 
  • Coaching Power Tool #2: The Coaching Pathways 
  • Real-Time Coaching Experiential #3 
  • Narrative & Coaching 
  • Conversation: “How do I engage in Conversations that Stimulate Learning, Development, and Change?” 
  • The Coaching Conversation at Work 
  • Constructive Confrontation in Conversations 
  • Real-Time Coaching Experiential #4 
  • Workshop Summary & Closing 


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