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Mindfulness Leader is an approach in which you consciously cultivate your ability to be present, open-minded, and compassionate with wisdom. Mindfulness Leader strives for an organization success and inner-self development. 


In today’s fast-paced and challenging business environment, effective leadership requires more than just traditional management skills. Mindful leader is a transformative approach that empowers leaders to navigate complexities with clarity, resilience, and emotional intelligence. Our Mindfulness Leadership Workshop offers an immersive experience designed to equip leaders with the tools and techniques to foster a culture of mindful leadership in organization and building relationships with team for happiness and success for the organization.

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  1. Enhanced Productivity: Mindfulness helps employees focus and be happy with tasks and assignments. 
  2. Improved Creativity: Mindfulness promotes creativity among people and build the trusted relationship with them. 
  3. Better Emotional Intelligence: Mindfulness helps people to stay in the moment and understand their worries resulting in better emotional intelligence. 
  4. Better Decision Making: Mindfulness lets people become aware of own biases and result in better decision making. 


To be Mindfulness Leadership starts with creating a simple dialog on understand each person as an individual who operate with a certain set of values, DNA, belief, motive, and others. Each member in the organization needs to be bonded by a deeper sense of purpose and clarity of success at individual level and team level.

Also, success is not just about being financial driven and short-term. While that is very importance, but success in Mindfulness Organization is also defined by internal success of each individual. Led by experienced mindfulness practitioners and leadership experts in development framework “Mindfulness Leadership Compass”.

1. EAST: Self-Awareness: Your sense of self, and your ability to recognize your preference and biases as a foundation to connect to others.

2. SOUTH: Values: What are the leader Values and Motivations? Knowing these make leaders to make a profound connection with others.

3. NORTH: Purpose: Reason for being. As a leader, what is you modelling to your organization? Do you act with PASSION and PURPOSE?

4. WEST: Success: At the end of the day, let be clear about your success whether it is matters to you and others.

Leadership happens, In every conversation and interaction.



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  • Innerverse | Siriraj Hospital
  • Innerverse | Sathira Dhammasathan
  • Mindfulness Leadership | Turnkey Communication Services Public Company Limited
  • Mindfulness Organization | BIA
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