Emergenetics is a simpler, easier way to understand people. It’s a language that drives business results.

Emergenetics is a new way of looking at employee engagement through the lens of thinking and behaviour preferences. It’s a unique way of understanding people that takes personal and team development to new heights. Emergenetics engages your workforce and leverages work styles and individual strengths to propel how teams perform at the highest levels. Emergenetics is about creating, developing and managing top talent.

Emergenetics is the building block of strong organisations – individuals realise strengths and build competencies, trainers gain a new, easily implementable tool for the arsenal, managers develop stronger teams, and, organisational culture is bolstered.


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An Emergenetics-based programme begins with discovering your own thinking and behavioural preferences.

The Emergenetics Profile is a valid and reliable psychometric instrument that is non-judgemental.


  • Is a simple but not simplistic tool that is also visually appealing and memorable which leads to higher retention, application and transference to the workplace.
  • Is easily integrated into customizable program that can be delivered in half-, full- or multi-day formats.
  • Enhances your other initiatives such as Crucial Conversations, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Speed of Trust, Emotional Intelligence…
  • Can be facilitated to fit various learning environments.
  • Provides a common language that focuses on strengths and diversity.
  • Workshop experience to understand Emergenetics concepts and its applications at work and in life
  • Emergenetics Profile and Narrative Report for deeper understanding of self

  • Team Tip Sheet Booklet for recommended team interactions

  • Emergenetics+ App on smartphone for sustained use of Emergenetics

  • Handouts and participant manuals to support learning

  • Reduced team conflict and appreciation of all team members
  • Awareness and valuing of strengths within a work team
  • Enhanced ability to frame tasks to cognitive and behavioural traits
  • Greater awareness to navigate change through strategies
  • Provides a new, unique lens to traditional topics such as teambuilding trust, and communication
  • Stronger connection to team goals from an Individual and team perspective
  • Builds leaders awareness and understanding of individuals and teams
  • Ongoing sustainable productivity increases 
  • Increased Employee Engagement

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This workshop helps us to have self awareness, understand others and know how to approach others and better collaboration across team.

Chadsawan Thanomsingha
Country Leader, Becton Dickinson (Thailand) Ltd.


The Emergenetics Profile reveals your brilliance – the way you prefer to think and behave. And by better understanding yourself and others, you can build interpersonal strategies that drive results.

Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Pro!le accurately measures three behavioural attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual). The attributes are represented in a clear, colour-coded report, making it memorable and applicable immediately.

The strength of the Emergenetics Pro!le lies not only in its statistical reliability and validity, but also on how it provides powerful insights into individuals and teams without judging or labeling. It also provides a common language for you to build trust and understanding, paving the way for increased productivity.

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Our Programmes

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Meeting of the Minds For Team

Our customizable Emergenetics program designed to increase self-awareness and build more effective teams.

The Meeting of the Minds workshop is used as a talent development platform in a corporate or organizational environment by empowering individuals and setting the tone for a positive culture. We customize the workshop to meet organizational development needs including, leadership, personal development, team building and communication.

Through the Meeting of the Minds Workshop, you will

And more…

The Meeting of the Minds Workshop can be customized to emphasize specific themes relevant to your needs, such as communication, personal effectiveness, and team effectiveness.

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